Twitch Commands

A list of active commands on our Twitch channel


!boat  Lala & Tom own the lovely Carpe Diem. It is a 1982 41’ Chris Craft Commander. The Carpe Diem is approximately 60 tons and has 2 Volvo diesel engines.

!bus Lala & Tom own the amazing Carpe Diem Adventure Bus. It is a 2014 Bluebird Vision Skoolie! It's 26ft long, has a 6.8L Ford engine converted to propane and is approximately 160 sq ft inside.

!butterfly Tom is a social butterfly everywhere he goes
!captain Lala is our lovely and talented captain with her 100 ton license

!cheerstom  F*kken A Tom!

!dragon There’s a weird inflatable dragon on the boat that lights up. 

!retire  Lala will be retiring from her day gig in 2024

!smurfette Tom and Lala´s own little blue golf cart, it's a 1994 36v.

!truck The 2016 Chevy Silverado will be towed behind the Skoolie


!farm  lists the mods wannabe pets and their names

Go ahead! Type these commands. I triple dog dare you!!


These are all blame counters...who is the naughtiest



!geo  Geo Guessr Rules - #1 Have fun! #2 No cheating #3 If you think you know the location, tell us why and #4 Ok to use Google Maps just no searching

!nitro This is where you can find the link to the Nitro dashboard

!nw Want to join us all sometime in New World...? at the bottom of LaLa's discord is a NEW WORLD channel... Lillith is the Country you need to join in the game


!peloton This is a link to get 60 days free. LaLa is NOT sponsored by Peloton


!yoga yoga on Sundays 9am Central 


!bearhug @typeinuserid to give someone a big ol bearhug

!hi5 @typeinuserid to high 5 them

!hug @typeuserid to hug someone

!love all the hearts

!shaynahug @typeinuserid to give someone a ginormous Shayna hug


!dict This command is currently under construction... When will it be available? who d'fook knows

!english Please speak English in chat. S’il vous plaît parler anglais. Por favor, hable Inglés. Por favor, fale inglês no chat. Bitte sprecht Englisch. Si prega di parlare inglese. Va rugam vorbiti in engleza. 英語を話してください. 영어를만 말하주세요. 請在聊天室中使用英語. Пожалуйста. говорите по-английски. يرجى يتكلمون الإنكليزية,. Praat alsjeblieft Engels. Vänligen tala engelska. Παρακαλούμε να μιλήσει αγγλικά. Vennligst skriv engelsk I chatten. . -. —. .-.. .. ... .... / — -. .-.. -.— Thank you very much.

!fetch  This will give you the website and LaLa's referral code for Fetch

!followage This will tell you how long you have been apart of the CarpeDiem family 

!iss This is a link to see where the ISS (International Space Station) is right now

!location Whether they are meandering down the river or exploring the country or world, this command will give you the link to where in the world LaLa & Tom are

!loop This is the link for information about the Great Loop waterway trip

!menu What are LaLa & Tom cooking today?

!mute We are muted so the streamer can talk about us behind our backs! Rude!

!popcorn Excuse the road turbulence

!socials This is where you will find links for LaLa’s  YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Discord

!tampons Tampons are great fire starters! Dismantle the tampon and pull apart all the fluff inside. 

!time This will tell you the current time in the Central Standard Time zone

!uptime This will tell you how long the stream has been live

!watchtime This will tell you how long you have watched LaLa stream

!weather Just type !weather Nashville to see what the weather is like in Nashville--or type in your city


!belikewalter "If you have a sense of humor and a positive attitude, everything else will come together."  Walter in FL 5.29.23

!wisdom This will randomly choose an inspirational quote


!dadjokes  Random dad jokes that Streamlabs thinks is funny

!diva  T is the furthest thing from a diva IRL but makes a few demands 'round here and gets the title. Diva counter

!drop We've been dropped X times, but don't worry, chat! We are protected by bubble wrap! This counts how many times LaLa has dropped us

!hype Go ahead. Type that command and see what happens!

!lego Papa Tom  has been known to eat legos for fun!

!mike There is something about guys named Mike! Every Mike we have met on stream has been CRAZY and a FIRE HAZARD! Mike will talk your ear off & insist his way is the ONLY way! When you see a Mike on stream or in chat RUNNNNN!!!!

!pup This is a pup counter

!shibby Tom does the shiBBy, shiBBy, YEAH!

!spill LaLa spills her drink a lot…this is her spill counter

!whattimeisdinner Dinner time is 5pm 

!wilson  We have recovered another Wilson! This is a counter for how many Wilson balls found along the river


!internet As we travel IRL, signal strength may vary

!lurk is now lurking, they will be missed! Thank you for supporting the stream and we look forward to seeing you again soon!!

!tree Look out for that Tree! We’re 11ft tall

!unlurk has returned from lurking, welcome back!! 


!chattanooga Contrary to popular belief, there are NO public restrooms in Chattanooga


!butt  Tom likes to show off his hiney A LOT! This is a Tom bum counter

!caulk  We love caulk!

!knock If the boat’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’! We’re seizing the day over here

!mic Oh God! Someone mute Tom’s mic!! He’s peeing again!

!mic2 Lala, put your mic back on. You’re out of the bathroom!

!nuts Tom keep your nuts off the counter and only scan them once!!

!poke Tom likes to poke holes with his rod

!thomas Father Thomas: The holy trinity of meat, speedos and spicy streams

!tom  A Greek God!


!raid This is the non-subbed copy and paste message for raids

!raiders This is the link for raiders to click so their view counts 

!subraid This is the sub copy and paste message for raids


!catchup Here you will find the links for LaLa’s YouTube and Twitch vods

!discord Here you will find the link for LaLa’s discord. This is where we all hang out between streams

!lightning100 The link to where Papa Tom hangs out during the week and sometimes streams from!

!papa Did you know PapaTom streams too? This will give you the link for his channel. If you’re super lucky, LaLa will make an appearance 

!twitter Here you will find the link for LaLa’s Twitter


!bartender Mark is our favorite bartender

!belita Belita is the harbor mistress. BEHAVE

!blob Blob is best Blob

!dixie Stream's very own naughty author who is so spicy she puts herself in the corner!

!lokey Jackoff!

!lurkers Our professional lurker and much adored stream family member

!mahcah The best rump shaker on Twitch!

!pops COUYONS!

!taylar This is the link to our very talented Taylar’s website

!ted He’s the mayor of the harbor.....and T's sugar daddy 


!food Tom's Tips: FEED ME! You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!!

!glasses Tom's Tips: Always have at least 3 pairs of glasses. Tom has MANY pairs of glasses, none of which are ever near him

!jalapeno  Tom's Tips: When chopping jalapenos DO NOT touch your own jalapeno without washing your hands first!

!pickle Tom's Tips: Be careful with those slippery pickles. They get messy!! 

!spork Tom's Tips: Sporks are the ultimate survival eating tool! It's a spoon and fork combo 

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